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Election Campaign SMS

Using SMS Voting For Political Events


Looking at this from a mobile advertising standpoint, we start to find the election campaign messages may elicit in their users.  Mobile media such as this gets the power to create excitement and interaction among its viewers, pointing to the total potency of the mobile advertising business. 


Case Study


Employing an SMS for vote appeal campaign is quite simple.  Clients can provide questions that enable voters to pick out a particular response or speed a subject on a specific scale.  The voters are educated to text in their responses to a specified phone number.  After these results are obtained, they are put into charts and diagrams that detail precisely what outcomes are achieved.  The results can then be separated from the geographical region they were received by or from the age, gender of every voter.  By dividing the outcomes in this way the politician or effort could determine which factors are significant to which voters. Many election parties are working to incorporate mobile marketing and election sms for vote into their integrated marketing communications platform.  The faster that is completed the more of a proven competitive edge these institutions conviction have when reaching market consciousness, and interactivity.

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